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Goosecraft Chet Zipper Boot Black

€209,95 €83,98
• Leather
• With straight zipper
• This model fits normal


This black leather men's shoe is made from the Nubuck Vintage leather quality. The Chet zipper boat has a zipper on the inside of the shoe. The color of the shoe is matte black, which fits well with the dark color of the sole and heel. The men's shoe has a basic model. The shoe has a slightly weathered look, which gives the model more character. The Chet zipper boat comes above the ankle. As the shoe is worn more often, the leather will become more flexible.

Good to know:
Leather is a real natural product, a living material that breathes and is flexible. The visible veins, pores, scars and slight differences in strength and color in the skin characterize the authenticity of the leather shoe. These are not material errors. It is important that this garment is thoroughly sprayed with a stain and water-repellent colorless impregnation spray before wearing, for better protection against dirt and water.